Frequently asked questionS

Q: Is any modification needed to run this big brake kit?

A: The only requirement to run these calipers is a slight trimming of the stock dust shield which the average person can do in less than 60 seconds. 


q; Will I be able to put my stock brakes back on if i want to sell my car?

A: ABSOLUTELY, no modification to your knuckle is NECESSARY as is required with other kits. We utilize threaded steel INSERTS on our calipers so the stock mounting bolts can be reused. 


Q: What size rotor do these calipers require?

A: These calipers utilize the stock size s2000 rotor. we currently offer a drilled/slotted rotor in our premium kits that is the same DIMENSIONS of the stock s2000 rotor.

*These calipers can accept up to a 314mm front rotor


Q: Can I run my stock wheels with this kit?

A: AP2v1 wheels require a minimum of a 22mm spacer while the ap2v2 wheels would require a 28mm spacer or modification to the wheels. we do not recommend either of these solutions, but it can be done. 


q:How much better are these over the stock calipers?

A: There is a SUBSTANTIAL increase in brake performance with these calipers.   the pad surface area is greatly increased and brake line pressure is up 21% however, pad and tire selection will have a dramatic effect on how much your braking will improve.


Q:What brake pads do I need if I purchase the basic caliper kit

A: These calipers utilize pads made for the 04-08 Acura tl-s

*the -s is important as it signifies the Type S which is the only model that came with brembo calipers. 


q: If i order today how long will it take for me to RECEIVE my bbk?

A: We currently have a turn around time of ~2 weeks. Special color requests may delay an additional week depending on our stock. Please contact us if you have any questions or time constraints.


Q: Do you accept returns?

A: if there is an error on our part we will accept returns or correct the issue at hand. Otherwise, there is a 20% restocking Fee plus the full cost of any custom powder coating ordered.